4 Car Buying Considerations for Life in Merrillville

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4 Car Buying Considerations for Life in Merrillville

In general, you should have a car that perfectly fits where you live, but what makes a car great for northern Indiana locales such as Merrillville? If you're shopping for your next car and live near Merrillville, make sure any vehicle catching your eye answers "yes" to these key questions.

Is It Adaptable to Year-Round Weather?

Indiana is one of the most diverse states when it comes to weather conditions. From rainstorms and heatwaves in the summer to ice and snow in the winter, you know that living in Indiana will give you a little of everything. In general, a truck or SUV with high ground clearance that drives gracefully and responsively should be able to handle all the challenges of the Indiana climate. Vehicles with automatic windshield wipers and engine block heaters are good choices, as well.

Can It Handle Extreme Road Conditions?

Perhaps the riskiest time of year in Merrillville and the rest of Indiana is winter when snowfall is heavy and roads are patched with sheets of ice. Switching to winter tires is important, but what about baseline car features? All-wheel drive is definitely valuable, as well as any traction or stability features. Anti-lock brakes will protect you better on slick roads caused by melting ice or heavy summer rainstorms.

Can It Handle Long Drives?

Another important aspect to consider in a car is how far and how long it can drive. A compact vehicle with a very small gas tank might prove annoying or impractical if you take it for a long road trip, but big-hulking diesel vehicles might not be as efficient. Newer models often have gas-saving features such as automatic stop/start. The top consideration is stability. Even if you're only planning to drive the car locally, if it gives any indication that it will have problems during a long drive, don't bother. You never know when you'll be forced to travel a long way for one reason or another.

The other side of handling a long drive is comfort. How well can you and any passengers handle sitting in the vehicle for long periods of time? With so many awesome festivals and other great reasons to drive all over the state, a car with comfortable seats, good climate control, and other creature comforts will go a long way. Even the homebodies in your family might feel a bit more adventurous.

Can It Suit Your Lifestyle?

With all the culture and diverse people in Indiana, it's important to choose a car that fits your specific lifestyle needs. A frequent commuter looking to carpool with co-workers, a busy supermom with four active kids, and a hunter with a passion for off-roading will have completely different expectations for a vehicle. Try writing down everything you want to use your next vehicle for and the features or traits that match those desires.

In the end, all these questions combine into one easy qualification: Does this car fit your exciting and demanding life in Merrillville? Shaver Preferred Motors makes shopping for a vehicle effortless thanks to our carefully curated inventory of the best pre-owned vehicles from trusted makes and top-performing model lines. To learn more about our used vehicle inventory, stop by the dealership today or give us a call at 219-981-9333 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a test-drive.